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      Wenzhou Shengsheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Pingyang Binhai Industrial Zone of Zhejiang Province. The zone enjoys convenient transportation. It is close to Xiwan scenic area and the city highway of Wenzhou. It takes only half an hour from the company to Wenzhou Airport and Aojiang high seed railway station.
      Following the production principles in recent years, ‘environmental protection, energy saving, safety and high efficiency’, the company has constructed new plants, disposed old equipment, and invested in brand-new environmental protection and energy saving equipment and high-speed production lines to meet the requirements of market development and play a leading role in the market. The company boasts outstanding R&D team and production personnel and pays great attention to technology introduction and transfer. Currently, the company has won the recognition of customers with its advanced technology, technique level and stable product quality.
      The company has seven series of products: PVC, PET, BOPP lase film, normal hot stamping foil; leather foil; fabric foil; acrylic normal hot stamping foil; color printing film, and heat transfer printing film. The products have passed the inspection of ROHS of the European Union. At present, the products have been exported to a lot of countries and regions, such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Mexico, Hong Kong and Egypt etc. They have won wide praises from the customers.
      Holding the operation concept ‘Equal cooperation and mutual benefits’, the company is trying its best to form the enterprise culture with the theme of  'Harmonious Shengsheng with people oriented'. As the leading force in the industry of laser materials, Shengsheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is full of vitality and great potential for development. We hope we could cooperate with our customers sincerely to seek for common development and create brilliance together!



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